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Naughty Knights

For grades 1-4
1 session per week x 60 min

Program includes:

3 level progression:

Relentless Rooks

For grades 5-8
1 session per week x 90 min

Program includes:

3 level progression:

Whacky Wizards

For grades 9 & above/ adults
1 session per week x 90 min

Program includes:

3 level progression:

Program Overview

Ideal for players who have no or limited prior knowledge of chess and would like to develop their problem solving skills/ take first steps towards exploring the amazing and limitless world of CHESS – which is undoubtedly the most popular board game in the world. Highly recommended for kids in grade 1, 2 & 3. Naughty Knights is the most popular program at FVCA as it helps not only learn Chess as a game, it also nurtures logical thinking, helps builds concentration and inculcates the habit of taking calculated & informed decisions. At FVCA, we preach that all the learnings in our sessions help students in their day to day life to progress as an individual beyond the game.

Chess board and clock (for use during classroom lessons), handouts with study materials for home (as necessary), in-class handouts, slideshows and videos (as applicable). All classroom stationery is included (students only carry water bottles as necessary). Player of the month: awarded to the most promising student on the basis of topics learnt that month. All students receive a FVCA T-shirt + Certificate & reward at completion of each level. All FVCA students get priority access to upcoming tournaments and events organized by us and special discounts on merchandise and products.

What is included

Fraser Valley Chess Club

Our Club is 100% FREE for all and all equipment is sponsored by FVCA - you just bring yourself!

Address: 20471 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC.

Timings: Every Friday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

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