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Math Lessons


For grades 1-4
1 session per week x 60 min

Program includes:

Number Sense and Operations:
  • Counting and basic operations (addition and subtraction in early grades, multiplication and division introduced in later grades).
  • Place value understanding.

Fractions, Decimals, and Place Value:
  • Introduction to fractions.
  • Place value up to thousands.
  • Decimal and fraction operations (G4).

Measurement and Geometry:
  • Time-telling skills (hour, quarter-hour, and minute).
  • Measurement of length, capacity, and weight.
  • Basic geometry and shape recognition.

Data Analysis and Probability:
  • Data collection and graph interpretation.
  • Introduction to statistics (mean, median, mode in G3).
  • Basic probability concepts (G4).


For grades 5-8
1 session per week x 60 min

Program includes:

Math Fundamentals:
  • Comprehensive understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Introduction to advanced operations, including algebraic concepts.

Numbers and Decimals:
  • Mastery of fractions and decimals, along with operations.
  • Proficiency in place value, up to millions.

Measurement and Geometry Mastery:
  • Strong measurement skills, including conversions and complex shapes.
  • In-depth exploration of geometry, covering properties, volume, and trigonometry.

Data Analysis and Probability Skills:
  • Proficient data analysis and interpretation skills.
  • Advanced statistics and probability calculations.
  • Applying mathematical concepts to solve complex real-world problems.


For grades 9 & above/adults
1 session per week x 60 min

Program includes:

Algebra and Equations:
  • Master linear, quadratic, and polynomial equations.
  • Understand systems of equations.

Geometry and Trigonometry:
  • Grasp Euclidean geometry principles.
  • Learn basic trigonometry and coordinate geometry.

Number Theory and Combinatorics:
  • Exploring prime numbers, divisibility, and counting principles.
  • Understanding modular arithmetic and probability.

Problem Solving:
  • Practice with challenging problems, focusing on Olympiad-style questions.

Practice Exams:
  • Regular Practice exams to simulate competition conditions.

Resources and Support:
  • Utilize advanced math textbooks and resources.
  • guidance from mentors or teachers with competition experience.

Program Overview

The Math Program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts and skills necessary for success in competitions. The program aims to foster a deep appreciation for mathematics, promote critical thinking, and build problem-solving abilities.

  • Curriculum Coverage: The program covers a wide range of math topics, including [list key topics or areas of focus].
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive lessons, discussions, and hands-on activities to reinforce understanding.
  • Assessments: Regular assessments and quizzes to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Real-World Applications: Explore practical applications of mathematics in everyday life and various fields.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Develop strong problem-solving skills through challenging math problems and puzzles.
  • Individualized Support: Personalized assistance and support for students who need extra help.
  • Peer Collaboration: Collaborative group activities to encourage teamwork and learning from peers.
  • Math Competitions: Preparation for math competitions to challenge and expand mathematical abilities.

What is included

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